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Manual #1 - Winner's Way Manual - by Nancy Marks & Maureen Millen A complete home study course on training your own racehorse, approximately 100+ pages. The manual is divided into 2 sections, the first part is on conformation, anatomy of the horse's body, bones, ligaments, tendons, and hooves. It also covers ailments, medications, feeding and general health information. Much of this material is necessary for the veterinarian portion of your state's trainers test. The second part of the manual covers the rules of racing, racing terminology, reading a condition book and figuring weight allowances. This is a critical part of racehorse training and the steward's will want to be certain you know this part well. (digital manual)

Manual #2 - The Racehorse Trainers Test - by Maureen Millen, with Nancy Marks This guide has over 300 questions and answers from actual racing commission tests. Designed to help minimize your study time while helping you recognize the areas were stewards may challenge your knowledge the most. (digital manual)

5 State Racing Commission Study Guides: Learn what the stewards at 5 different State Racing Commissions think you need to study. This guide will help you understand the thinking of the stewards as it contains rules and regulations that are the most important to those in charge as it relates to pari-mutuel racing laws, animal welfare and the betting public.

Medication Penalty Guides: Medication Penalty Guide shows the clearance times for therapeutic drugs. Compiled by an actual State Racing Commission for racehorse veterinarians this guide can help you understand how medicines can affect your horses and your racing career.

First Aid for Horses: As in any competitive sport, injuries do occur. This book will show you the most common injuries in horses and what to do when they occur, until the vet arrives. It will also help you with the conformation and ailment part in the vet test section on your licensing exam.

Lameness of the Horse: This is a must have in every horseman's library. Full of great illustrations and descriptions.

Claiming a Racehorse Fun or Profit? This manual will show you the common sense approach to the nuts and bolts area of the racehorse industry. Most of us trainers will strive to own and train stakes horses, but the reality is the majority of the time we will be running and working with claiming horses. This manual will demystify the process.

Business Forms and Business Plan Template to help you create a profitable racing stable.

Feeding Guide.

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